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We know emergencies don’t always happen between 9-5pm, Monday to Friday, which is why we have an emergency out-of-hours service.

25 March 2015

What is an Emergency?

  • A water leak
  • A break in (to secure the property)
  • Anything that will affect your property, if not dealt with immediately

An emergency is something that cannot wait until we open and is not dealt with by the emergency services or gas supplier.

Our out of hour’s number is provided to all tenants for use in just such an emergency. In an emergency situation contact AMPMni immediately. Remember, if you call a tradesman unnecessarily, you may be held liable for the costs involved, so why not let AMPMni take care of the problem for you.

If you have an Emergency please contact AM Property Management on our out of hour’s line. If a tenant calls the emergency number for a non-emergency they may be charged. Our emergency number is 07825147991.

If you would like to report a non-urgent repair click here.

Useful repairing advice:

Access to your property

Due to the nature of their work, tradesmen are not always able to guarantee appointment times, therefore it would be more efficient to give them keys to your property to attend at their earliest convenience. However, if you wish to be present while the work is being carried out, this can be arranged with the tradesmen.

Gas Leak

Switch off gas mains supply, open the windows, do not use the electrics, call the Northern Ireland Gas Emergency Service without delay on 0800 002 001.

After carrying out these steps, inform AM Property Management immediately.


  • Open doors and windows to disperse the gas
  • Turn off the gas supply at the meter
  • Check gas appliances to see if the gas has been left on unlit or that a pilot is out


  • Turn any electrical switches, including doorbells, on or off
  • Use matches or light naked flames
  • Smoke
  • Leave it to someone else to call the emergency service


  • Check no water is running (bath, shower, taps, washing machine etc).
  • Locate the stop cock and turn off the water supply.
  • Switch off electrics at the fuse box if the water leak is near lights or power outlets.
  • Try to collect the water coming into your property in a basin to minimise damage.
  • If water is coming from an upstairs property, alert the occupants above immediately and ask them to shut off their water supply. If they are not in, leave them a note advising them to contact you ASAP.
  • Contact AM Property Management immediately.

Electrical Fault

Check fuses have not blown, circuit breakers are in the ‘ON’ position and that there hasn’t been a general power cut in the area. Replace bulbs if necessary. If you still do not have electricity contact AM Property Management.

Boiler Fault

If you think your boiler isn’t working properly –

  • Check to see if you gas meter has credit? Did the gas run low? If so you probably need to re-set your boiler so it recognises the top up on the meter.
  • Check the thermostat is at the right temperature.
  • Check to see if it is on a timer
  • Check to see if boiler is igniting, if you have a combi-boiler check that the pressure is between 1 and 2. The instruction manual will tell you how to ignite the boiler and how to top up the pressure if you suspect this is the problem.
  • If you require further assistance please contact AM Property Management.


If you lock yourself out of your property during office hours, AM Property Management will be happy to help if we hold spare keys, however if this is out with office hours, you may be asked to find alternative accommodation arrangements until the next working day or pay for a staff member to obtain keys..

Tenants Responsibilities

Please note that these are some of the things which tenants are expected to do themselves:

  • Test the smoke alarms and replace the battery if necessary
  • Bleed the radiators
  • Unblock plugholes with suitable detergent
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Replace vacuum cleaner bags
  • Clean out blocked vacuum cleaners
  • Tighten loose handles, toilet seats, etc., if only a screwdriver is required
  • Operate appliances in line with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Keep property clean and tidy

Your title here…Useful Contact Numbers

Phoenix Gas – In an Emergency, If you smell gas phone the 24-hour gas emergency service on 0800 002 001

NI Water – If your water is goes off please contact NI Water to see if there is a fault or if they are doing repairs in the area 08457 440088

Power NI – If you have a power failure please call Power NI on 08457 643 643 to see if this is a problem in your area

Police – Non emergency enquiries – Please call 101